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Fusion Arts is a Performing Arts Academy and Events company, who pride themselves in professionalism, inspirational creativity and an up to date training methology.

Founded in 2011 by Professional dancer Suzanne McMillan, Fusion Arts has grown to be one of the most respected preforming arts training courses in the Middle East.

Our academy, we like to describe as family. Our students train in dance and discipline whilst being in a comfortable and safe environment. Our teachers become mentors in, and out, of our dance studios.

Performing Arts is statistically one of the most grounding forms of Art in children’s development; not just physically but fundamentally helping with their confidence and social skills. We have watched many of our students grow into confident young adults, through dedication to their classes and performances.

Fusion Arts is a small team of extremely passionate individuals heralding from the UK & America. Dedicated in every way and always willing to go the extra mile, we aim to advance our students in their classes and inspire them through our many performances and shows. Our team are fully qualified and recognised professionals from the RAD and ISTD dance societies. We guide our students to examinations, performance and competition level, which supplies academic credits towards UCAS.

We offer classes ranging from the absolute beginner to the advanced and are highly experienced in working with the very young to adult level.

Our Academy Events/showcases involve ALL of our students, not just those with selected abilities. We believe in the love of dance and encouraging our students to feel proud by showing off their own self-progression. Whether your child is training 5 days a week with us to be the next Wade Robson or Darcy Bussell, or simply once a week purely for fun or to let off steam and enjoy themselves, all our students involvement in our productions is fundamental and part of our course.

Our Event Management and Choreography can supply entertainment to any event. Fusion Arts have over 7 years’ experience in running performing Arts Events in the Middle East and over 15 years’ experience across the UK.

Who We Are



Fusion vision is for the dance studio to be the escape for our students to come and forget about everything else and to lose themselves in their art and love for dance.



The environment of the Dance studio and our students training and working together for competitions, shows and exams, brings lasting memories to treasure always. Such skills stay with them for life.



We aim to inspire our dancers not only in the world of dance and performing arts but the true benefits and lessons of the commitment, dedication, discipline and friendships that dance brings.